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Concert/Movie Review
For this assignment watch one of the live concerts listed below and write a 1000 – 1250 word synopsis about the concert you watched. The options are: Walela, Pamyua, A Tribe Called Red, R. Carlos Nakai, or Brule.
If you watch the “A Tribe Called Red” (3 videos in total) or “Pamyua” (2 videos in total) concerts you need to watch all associated videos.
Your review should include:

  • Background information about the artists/band
  • Songs/musics heard (by name), Include as many as possible! 
  • A discussion of the musical genre and instruments played (electronic or acoustic) and vocalization
  • Other performance elements such as dance, added visuals, fashion/regalia
  • Interaction with the audience, the venue/performance space, and the narrative of the performance.

Options: Walela, Pamyua, A Tribe Called Red, R. Carlos Nakai, or Brule


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