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Sociology homework help


  • What is a hijab?  What is a burqa?
  • According to Jafar, is ‘veiling’ oppressive?  Explain.
  • What is female genital mutilation (or female genital cutting)?  What are some of the procedures?
  • What is it about the FGM procedure that makes women look ‘more feminine?’  In other words, what is it about the altered genitals that make them appear ‘more feminine,’ in the eyes of the cultures that practice it?
  • What is female genital cosmetic surgery (FGCS)?  What are some of the procedures?
  • Who are the ‘drivers’ behind FGCS, according to Jafar – women or men?
  • How is FGM similar to FGCS?  What are the parallels?
  • Jafar points out that many people today seem to believe that because women in our society are allowed to wear lessclothing, then it must mean that we have made more progress toward gender equality, at least when it comes to women’s bodies.  What does Jafar have to say about this belief?
  • Do you agree with Jafar that “less clothes” does not necessarily mean “more equality?”  Explain.


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