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Sociology homework help

Sociology homework help. Requirments

 7 double-spaced pages, Cover page, Reference list, APA format 

Follow the direction list below to write:
The point of this paper is to contextualize an aspect of your family life using concepts from course readings and outside readings/sources.
Think of this paper to describe a certain part of your family life to me using concepts from the course. Let’s say that someone wanted to describe growing up in a single parent household. There are many aspects of that experience that one could illuminate. So lets say the person decides to describe that experience using the concepts of mass incarceration
and welfare policy. Now those 2 things seem like very big concepts but both of those things
could have a big impact on a single parent household. Here the family aspect would be the
single parent household and the concepts used to conceptualize it would be mass incarceration
and welfare policy. So the point of their essay would be to show me how those concepts
impacted their single parent household.
Possible Directions this Paper could go:
Clearly state what your family aspect / experience is.Ex. The familial experience that I am going
to talk about today is single parenthood.
Clearly state what concepts you are using to explain that experience. ( I cannot stress this
enough. It should be obvious what you are explaining to me and what concepts you are using to
do so). Ex. I am going to explore growing up in a single parent household through the lens of
mass incarceration and welfare policy.
Main Body

  1. Describe single parenthood as it relates to your family (this plus the thesis could be half a


  1. Talk about how mass incarceration impacted your family( why, how, when, context is

powerful)-3 pages

  1. Talk about welfare policy impacted your family( why, how, when, context is powerful)-3 pages

Conclusion – half a page
-Using paragraph headers are allowed for this paper. It can help the reader know where your
paper is going and is helpful if your message gets off track for any reason.
-Google Scholar is great place to find outside articles to help explain your family
-Remember not to try and explain your family aspect/experience with too many main concepts.
It will lessen the quality of your paper because 7 pages is not enough to go into many concepts
thoroughly. 1-2 concepts should be fine and 3 at the very most.
-This narrative essay is about a strong explanation, not a dramatic moment in the life of you and
your family. Do not think that you have to write about something that is intense or makes you

Sociology homework help


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