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Sociology homework help

Sociology homework help. Comparing and Contrasting Assimilation Theories
Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to compare and contrast theoretical orientations in
sociology. For this paper, you will explain and critically evaluate major theoretical positions that
are currently advanced to explain assimilation and social mobility. You will focus on theoretical
perspectives that Clergé refers to as old and neo-assimilation theories. In Children of the Yam
(Chapter 2) and Blood Pudding (Chapter 3), you will find historical evidence and examples of the
different obstacles that Black (im)migrants have experienced in their assimilation process and
pathway to middle-class. Keep in mind that the author’s critical evaluation of current assimilation
theories provide the background for her examination of the racial formations and migrations of
Black Americans, Haitians, and Jamaicans, and her views on the role of racism, class, and
Assignment: Write a professional 5-6 page paper typed and double-spaced. The paper should
include a summary and critical evaluation of at least two theoretical perspectives on assimilation
and social mobility (e.g. acculturation, assimilation theory, segmented assimilation). You can
either read the original material cited by Clergé or conduct a bibliographical search to find
sociological articles on assimilation theories. You will need to use your NetID to access electronic
databases through the Ottenheimer Library. Your paper should include at least five citations from
peer-reviewed academic articles. Do not summarize each article. Follow the recommendations of
Balmer and Murcott’s The Craft of Writing in Sociology for making an argument using a compare
and contrast approach (chapter 2). Keep your language formal and avoid contractions. If you work
with an open-source word processor, create a PDF file before uploading your file.

Sociology homework help


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