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Statistics homework help

Statistics homework help.


At the start of the project, you documented your typical responses along with your question formulations. You did not know it at the time, but you were hypothesizing about the future survey results. Now that you have the actual survey data, you can go back and apply the tools of inferential statistics to test your hypotheses.

Assignment Overview and Preparation

For this assignment, you will:

  • Calculate an appropriate 95% confidence interval for each question.
  • Perform an appropriate, one-sample hypothesis test for each question. Based on the context of your questions, you may choose to set up your hypothesis test as a one-sided test or two-sided test.

Remember, we want to estimate population proportions in questions 1–4 and population means in questions 5–6 (from Week 7). We already calculated the sample statistics for each question in Week 7. Feel free to use this prior work to help complete the above tasks. That is, we already have sample proportions for questions 1–4 as well as sample means and standard deviations for questions 5–6.
Use the Analyzing Data With Inferential Statistics Template [XLSX]. The template has two pages. Be sure to review each one carefully. The first page is the blank template that you will complete, and the second page is a completed example. Almost every type of situation is shown, so try to model your results after the ones shown.
Make sure you have watched the Week 9 Project Video. Your instructor will walk you through the process for completing this assignment.


Complete the following in order to apply the tools of inferential statistics to test your hypotheses:

  • Open and complete the Excel Analyzing Data With Inferential Statistics Template [XLSX].
  • Calculate a 95% confidence interval for each of your survey questions (1–6). Your final product should have six confidence intervals.
  • Perform a hypothesis test for each survey question (1–6). Your final product should have six hypothesis tests.

When you have completed this assignment, submit it to your instructor in the Analyzing Data Using Inferential Statistics assignment area.
Before submitting it, refer to the Analyzing the Data Set Using Inferential Statistics Scoring Guide to ensure that it meets the grading criteria.

Statistics homework help


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