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Statistics homework help

Statistics homework help. Name:
Stat 116 – Assignment #2 Due Wed, 5:30pm May 27, 2020 D2L Submission
1. On any class day, suppose that the probability there is a pop quiz is P(A)=0.03 and the
probability that it rains is P(B)=0.6. For a randomly selected class day,
a). What is the probability that there is both a pop quiz and it rains?
b). What is the probability that it rains or there is a pop quiz?
c). What is the probability there is not both a pop quiz and rain?
2. The chance that David parks in a no-parking zone and gets a ticket is 0.06. The chance he has to
park in a no-parking zone is 0.20. If David parked in a no-parking zone today, what is the
probability he gets a ticket?
3. An appliance repair shop may get up to 3 calls in an hour. The probability they get 3
calls is 0.15, the probability of 2 calls is 0.43, and the probability of 1 call is 0.31
a) What is the probability they get 0 calls in an hour?
b) Construct the probability distribution for the number of calls.
c). What is the mean number of calls the shop receives in an hour?
c) What is the standard deviation of the number of calls?
4. Find the area under the standard normal distribution curve (You must draw a picture of
the Normal distribution for full marks)
(a) to the left of z = -2.61
(b) to the right of z = 1.85
(c) between z = -1.32 and z = 3.01
5. Lake Osoyoos is Canada’s warmest lake, with mean summer temperature of 24C. Assume
summer temperatures are normally distributed with a standard deviation of 1.9C. For a randomly
selected summer day, find the probability that the water temperature will be
a) Above 26C.
b) Between 21C and 23 C.
c) Would you consider it unusual for the lake water to be above 27.5C?
6. Women make up 24% of the science and engineering workforce. In a random sample of 400
science and engineering employees, what is the probability that at least 120 are women?

Statistics homework help


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