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Unit 6 Discussion
In this discussion, you will explore how you can apply descriptive statistics, probability calculations, normal distribution calculations, hypothesis testing, regression, and forecasting to current events.
Research an article on a current event that centers on a controversial issue where the two sides are claiming opposing views. Then, describe how you would analyze the situation to settle the issue if you were involved in this event. For example, if the article was about whether a proposed new law about gun control will reduce deaths, you may describe how you would use hypothesis testing to compare data from states where such laws exist. Or, if the article was about actions to take to reduce gas prices, you could talk about how you would use regression to figure out which factors affected prices at the pump the most. General discussions like “should marijuana be legal” or “do vaccines cause autism” are not appropriate. Pick a current and specific debate.
Please note that this discussion should be limited to how statistical analysis can be applied to current issues. This is not the place to champion a particular position on the issue you are discussing or get into an argument about the various sides of an issue. Remember, you are here to analyze, not proselytize.
Also note that the article you are citing must be discussing the opposing views on the issue. Do not introduce your own perspective on what is being disputed. For example if the article is about the new budget being passed but does not discuss any conflicts of opinion, it doesn’t qualify.
Please use the template below in your answers so everyone can easily follow your answers to all the questions (copy and paste to your post).
Use this template for your Unit 6 Discussion.
Summary of the article
Briefly describe the current event described in the article.
Central question
What does the article say about the issue being disputed? What are the conflicting points of view according to the article? Use direct quotes from the article to summarize the dispute and the opposing sides.
There has to be some specific issue in dispute at the center (do tax breaks increase spending, what impacts health care costs the most, etc.), and the sides have to be defending a particular position.
Do not use examples where the issue is based on opinions or morality. For example, “Should abortion be legal?” is largely a morality question and is not suitable for statistical analysis. Conducting a survey to ask people about their opinions is not the same as analyzing data and making conclusions- you still only have opinions.
Explain which methodology you will apply. Provide the relevant details. Where will your data come from? How will the results from this methodology answer the question you described above?
If you are going to use forecasting, explain how you will do that (which methodology and why) and how you will measure your accuracy. How will the forecast settle the issue?
If you do a regression analysis, explain what the dependent and independent variables will be.
If you will do hypothesis testing, what will the null and alternative hypothesis be?


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