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Unit VII Final Project

Please read the study guide


For this portion of your course project, you will be adding information about the community relations, consumer relations, and technology aspects of your company and then submitting your final project. For this section, you should include the criteria below.

  • Discuss the importance of consumer relations and philanthropic activities to your chosen business.
  • What activities does the company engage in to promote these relations?
  • Explain the methods used by your company to “manage” consumers.
  • Evaluate the role of technology in the company’s strategy.

For your final project, you should compile all sections of your project (including this new section) and finalize the paper. You will not turn in Part V separately. It will only be submitted as a part of the final compilation. Any feedback given in prior units should be incorporated, and you should ensure that your paper is cohesive and fluid with an introduction and conclusion. It should be a minimum of 10 pages in length. All sources used should be compiled on one reference page and cited appropriately in the body of your paper.
I’m attaching Unit I II III and V for this assignment
Book reference:  Ferrell, O. C., Thorne, D., & Ferrell, L. (2016).


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