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I’m working on a research & summaries discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

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Faith Chipps
Professor Hitt
1 Dec 2021

Gambling in Texas

Gambling has been an ongoing debate in Texas since it was banned in 1903. The only legal betting in Texas occurs at dog and horse races, charitable bingo and raffles, and three casinos in Native American territory. Those who are for legalized gambling in Texas argue that opening casinos in Texas would increase tourism and lessen the amount of gambling money going to other states. Also, tax money from casinos could be used for state and public use. People against legal Texas gambling argue that there are negative consequences to gambling, such as addiction and opportunity costs.

While the Texas House and Senate do not approve of legalizing gambling and gaming, several recent polls show that the majority of Texans support legal gambling. A November 2021 poll by Michael Baselice reveals that 60% of voters support legalizing casino-style games in up to 5 locations in Texas, and 90% said lawmakers should allow voters to decide for themselves if gambling should be legal. These numbers show that most Texan voters would prefer legal gambling in Texas, but even most of those who voted against legal gambling want lawmakers to let the voters decide what to do about gambling in Texas.

Even though the majority of Texan voters are for legalizing casinos, some roadblocks prevented legislators from spending time on the subject. With the pandemic, the 2021 legislative session focused mostly on COVID-19 matters, causing the debate on gambling to be overlooked. I believe the tax argument is compelling since legislators are looking for new ways to provide government funding. With coronavirus, the government needs extra funding to go towards decreasing the spread of the pandemic, which will possibly cause the argument that casinos can earn money for the government through taxation to be more appealing to legislators.

I believe that legislators are not affected by Sheldon Adelson and other contributions. In the 2021 legislative session, once again, the argument for legalized gambling in Texas was knocked down, even with Adelson’s attempts to persuade legislators through donations. I do not believe that these donations had an unfair impact on voting since it had no impact at all. I believe legislators will not budge from their stance on gambling, even with generous contributions and offers.

Even though casinos would help the economy in Texas, I believe the cons of legalizing gambling in Texas are most convincing. The best thing for residents of Texas would be to continue to ban gambling and gaming. Gambling can lead to addiction and can result in people losing their money. It can also cause depression, migraines, and feelings of helplessness. Overall, I believe Texas legislators are doing what is best for Texans by banning gambling.


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Other Homework Help. OTH 5206 TWU Parkinson Disease Potential Capstone Project Paper

As stated in the word document, the research question on the capstone project should be on an older adult disease (Parkinson, Dementia, COPD, Alzheimer, etc..) with an intervention occupational therapy can implement on the disease.

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Other Homework Help. PCC Adolescent Self Esteem During and After Adolescence Research

I’m working on a research & summaries writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.


Adolescent Self-Esteem. (2003, June). http://www.actforyouth.net/resources/rf/rf_slfestm_0603.cfm. 

JF;, M. I. G. (2007, November 7). Impact of parenting styles on adolescents’ self-esteem and internalization of values in Spain. The Spanish journal of psychology. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/17992960/. 

Masselink, M., Van Roekel, E., & Oldehinkel, A. J. (2018, May). Self-esteem in Early Adolescence as Predictor of Depressive Symptoms in Late Adolescence and Early Adulthood: The Mediating Role of Motivational and Social Factors. Journal of youth and adolescence. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5878202/. 

Tye, K. (2016, April 21). 3 Causes of Low Self-Esteem in Teens (And What to Do About It). Stop Medicine Abuse. https://stopmedicineabuse.org/blog/details/3-causes-of-low-self-esteem-in-teens-and-what-to-do-about-it/. 

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2019). Major Depression. National Institute of Mental Health. https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/statistics/major-depression. 

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Other Homework Help. BEHS 343 UMGC Drug Abuse and Parenting Action Plan Essay


You’ve crafted your case study. You’ve done your research on the topic. Now it’s time to identify some solutions in the form of a Parenting Action Plan.

Your action plan can build on your existing research essay, but the action plan itself will include a few additional components (denoted with an * below). The research you have done should be carefully woven into your action plan. In other words, don’t just copy and paste your research essay and tack on more words. Use the research to justify the actions you are proposing.

  • Statement of the problem: A statement of the key issues that must be explored in order to resolve your case study.(This can be the same as the statement in your research essay)
  • Incorporation of at least 10 credible sources from within the past 10 years that can be used to support a parenting action plan. At least 5 of these sources must be scholarly social science research articles, and at least 3 of the sources must have been published within the last 2 years.
  • *Incorporation of parenting or developmental theories to provide a framework for the proposed action plan.
  • *Description of potential sites of impact (Step 6 of the Planning Table).
  • *Identify an action plan grounded in research that may address concerns posed by the case study (Step 7 of the Planning Table).

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Other Homework Help. EDUC 519 Relationship with Attachment Style and Child Development Paper

The Biblical Integration assignment is due Week 7 and is worth 100 points. Students will address the Clinton & Sibcy (2006) text through a critical review and personal reflection.

The following aspects should be addressed:

  • Summary of Text (1 page);
  • Explanation of How Text Relates to Child Development (1 page);
  • Applicability of Text to Educational Environment (1 page);
  • Personal Reflection (1 page).

The assignment should clearly demonstrate a Biblical worldview in the discussion of child development, parental influence, and home and school environments. The assignment should include a title page and a reference page.

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Other Homework Help. digital illustrator – Applying Value and Depth

In this exercise, you will be using the techniques covered in the lesson this week to add highlights and shading to create a stronger sense depth and lighting. Use the flat color Illustration (Color_Exercise_01) that you created in Module 03.

When determining where or why to add shading, the important reasons to focus on are:

  • Create a mood – Use light and shadow to enhance your flat color
  • Add Values – Establish light source to show light and shadow
  • Show Dimension – Use color and shading to give the illusion of depth

Focusing on one shading reason can include the others. For example, shading the illustration to indicate a light source will help create the illusion of depth.

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Other Homework Help. Ruling of Donald Trum2020 Question

Need help with my question – I’m studying for my class.

The goal of this assignment is for you to analyze a news article. Locate an article that covered the 2020 presidential election. Look for evidence in the article for priming, framing, and slant. Write up your findings after you have analyzed the article. There is NOT a specific length requirement but you want to be thorough so aim for about a page. Make sure to include in your assignment:

  • Name of the article and its author
  • Is the article made by a public or private entity?
  • Who is the author trying to reach (audience)?
  • Are they playing more to one specific ideology and if so, what ideology is it?
  • Is there evidence of priming, framing and/or slant? Make sure to explain your findings. Include quotes as examples.
  • Looking at the article as a whole, and based on what you have found in your analysis, do you believe that this article is a credible source? Why?

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Other Homework Help. Opportunity to Contextualise Your Concept Video Animation Seminar Presentation

The purpose of the seminar presentation is to give you the opportunity to contextualise your concept, research, planning and inspiration for the final project.

The seminars should be approximately 5 minutes in length and include the following:

  • Clear concise pitch of project. What is it about and what is it going to look like?
    • Examples:
    1. This is a collage animation that tells a story about. This is a video about the day in the life of me that blends together footage I’ve shot and cartoon characters. The cartoon characters will interact with…
    2. This is a composited montage that looks at the impacts of human civilisation on the environement. It will blend together footage of … and … It is intended that the overall mood of the video will be…
    3. This is an infographics video about camel migrations in the Northern territory. It will show a blend of animated graphics and real world footage.
    4. This is a digital matte painting that portrays…
    5. This project brings to life the famous painting… by cutting it up into multiple layers stacked in virtual space then animating a camera through it.
  • Presentation of themes, styles and techniques in films or videos that are a significant influence on your project.
    • Find examples of videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion etc. that demonstrate a technique, style or theme that you want to emulate in your project.
    • Explain the ways your project will be similar and different.
    • Try as best you can, to show only the relevant parts of an example video.
  • Analysis of the materials and techniques you will be using including potential sound sources.
    • Don’t just list the techniques you are going to use in your project, be specific and detail how you are going to use those techniques on the materials you have chosen.
    • Find sources that you will actually use in your project and present them as still images, short clips or screen grabs. Describe how they are going to be used.
    • If you plan to shoot something yourself, take still images as examples or find videos online that approximate the footage you will shoot.
    • Think about taking still images into Photoshop or any other photo editing program and draw on them to indicate how the images/videos will be cut up or composited into.
    • Think about mocking up video composites with still images in Photoshop.
    • Have a think about sound, if you can’t find examples of potential sounds on a site such as Freesound.org, describe the soundscape you want to develop.
  • As part of the analysis of the material and techniques you wish to use, include a 10-30 second test or visual experiment made by you to demonstrate some aspect of your final project. For example, you could test a technique using proxy footage or demonstrate the visual style of your piece by finding a few sources that will be used in the project then composite them together. If you are doing a cutout character animation, find the character and make it walk.  
    • Think about what you have been making for the homework exercises, these are good examples of tests or visual experiments.This test does not have to be a part of the final project, it is just another method to describe to the audience, what it is you are going to make.Examples:
      1. If you are making a collage animation, find some of the actual sources you will use, composite them together and animate them.
      2. If you are animating a figure, cut it out and make it walk.
      3. If you are making a composited montage, find some of the actual sources or something close to what you want to use and demonstrate the technique and style of your project.
      4. If you are bringing a painting to life, cut up a small section of it and demonstrate how the layers and the camera can be animated.
      5. If you are making a digital matte painting, find some of the actual sources you will use, composite them together and animate them

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Other Homework Help. History 131

Digital History Project Essay #1

An essential concept of this course is learning to use critical analysis to explore how different people, events, organizations, groups, and even technological advances, to name a few, have impacted life in the United States. For this course, your culminating assignment will be a Digital History Project in which you will combine writing with media (pictures, videos, social media) to produce a digital history project. Keeping that in mind, students will write two essays from which the framework for the culminating project will be created. This assignment asks you to select three items from your own life, PRIOR TO COVID (March 2020), that you believe a historian or history student might need in 100 years to better understand life in the United States before the pandemic. Once you select these items, you will need to write 1-2 page minimum explanation of why these items (Primary sources) will help historians and what it reveals about life before March 2020. If you have any questions about what to select, please contact me, and we can discuss. This essay has the following aims:

1. Find and identify three (3) primary sources that are connected to you, your family life, or your community life


  1. Describe the items, how they are connected to you, how they represent pre- pandemic life, and how this might help future historians better understand this period.
  2. You will be graded on how well you address steps one and particularly step two, which is in bold. You are college students, and I expect college-level work. Keep grammar and spelling in mind.Details
  • Your DHP essay should be 1 – 2 pages (approximately 250-500 words).
  • You must use Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double spaced
  • You must use at least three (3) sources to support your argument
  • Think Historically. Employ the strategies you have learned with respect to sourcing, contextualizing, active reading, using background knowledge, reading the sources, and corroborating.
  • Think for yourself. Conduct the writing with your own brainpower, in your own words. QUOTING OR PARAPHRASING MUST BE CITED.
  • Assert your thesis or main idea. You are required to introduce the central argument of your response in the first paragraph and then provide evidence to substantiate your assertions in the body of the essay. Last, your thesis statement must be highlighted and underlined!
  • Use evidence in your analysis. Provide ample evidence to support your argument(s) by citing concrete examples and illustrations from your life. Identify relevant people, places, and events.
  • Avoid referring to yourself. Do voice your perspective (after all, this
    is your analysis of the documents and proposal) but do not use personal sentiments such as “I feel that…” or “I believe that…” Your essay should make a historical argument based on the evidence you provide. As such, refrain from writing in the first person. Historical work is NEVER written in the first person. Doing so will result in a loss of points.
  • Cite your work! Historians use the Chicago Style, however, for this proposal, students can use either APA or MLA formats.

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Other Homework Help. PACE111T Informational Interview for Cybersecurity

What is your typical work day like?

What made you get into this line of work?

How do you manage your life at home with your work on the job?

What are some difficulties encountered on the job?

What would you suggest to someone who is pursuing this field?

What do you find enjoyable about your job?

What impacts has COVID-19 had on your work environment?

Do you have industry certifications and / or a college degree? What would you say was most impactful towards obtaining your job?

Additionally, could you provide a short biography of your experience and background? How would you say that you’re qualified to be the interviewee? How do you believe your experiences can help me towards my career?

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